Hello Internet!

Although I really should not be devoting any more time to the internet than I already do, I feel compelled to start a new blog.  I have been blogging since 2004, I think, and since then, I’ve had six or seven blogs.  Two were for classes, such as this one, one was an emo, whiny, LiveJournal account that I will NOT link to due to its embarrassing nature.  One was a pop-culture blog where I found it necessary to review absolutely every movie, book, fashion trend, celebrity mishap, etc. that occurred on a daily basis.  (I have to admit, that was the most fun blog to write.)  I also have my jewellery site – not really a blog, but updated somewhat frequently – and my classroom blog that I update weekly.  Last year, I had my wedding blog, and I really miss having a space to share creatively.  Thus, I’m creating this blog.

Every one of my blogs featured, at some point, my love of absolutely everything vintage.  I can’t remember NOT loving items of days gone by.  Visiting my grandma’s house was always an absolute joy, as she had so many vintage items, perfectly in tact.  I have often wondered if I love vintage things so much because I loved my grandma’s house, or if I loved my grandma’s house so much because I love vintage things.  Regardless, I’m constantly drawn to all things vintage – particularly mid-century modern fashion, decor, architecture, furniture, and kitchen supplies.  I used to post pictures of my garage sale finds and renovations, and I am going to use this blog for that main purpose.  Whether people read it or not, that’s up to them, but I just need a place to keep track of all of the aesthetically pleasing vintage visions I see and create for myself!


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