My Bedroom

For the past five years, I have lived in a 1931 character home that I purchased after saving almost all of my first year teacher’s salary for the down payment.  Since then, I have taught for six more years, had a roommate for a year, met my husband, dealt with his move to Toronto for a year, had him arrive home and move in, got engaged, bought a puppy, worked on my Master’s, and got married.  This house has seen the entire era of me “becoming an adult”.  Being that it is not very big, it is time for Paul and I to move on.  We bought a new house, and as of Sunday, have conditionally sold this one.  Anyone who knows me knows that I become emotionally attached to EVERYTHING, and this house is no different.  I cried when I listed it, and I’ll cry when I move out.  It is just such a happy home, and I hope that its future owners experience as much joy in it as I have.

To come to terms with moving away from it, I am going to document all of my favourite parts of this house and the renovations that I’ve made since purchasing it, so that I will always be able to see them.  I tried to embrace its character while modernizing it so that it did not feel like a time warp when you entered its doors.  I’ll begin with my bedroom and over the week, work on posting each of the rooms.  (I JUST finished my Master’s class tonight, so I finally have time to devote to writing FOR PLEASURE!)

My bedroom before…

(Sorry for the poor quality.  It’s a photo of a photo. :S)

My dad framed in a closet because the tiny closet was inside of the wall.  That would not do!  After that, I repainted and decorated.  Here’s a little glimpse at the master bedroom, all finished.

(Garage sale find – $2.)

(The “Invisible Family Portrait Wall” as Paul refers to this.  I put wrapping paper behind some of the vintage frames.)

(My dresser, which was my mom’s dresser when she was young, which was purchased second hand before that.)

(I worked at a vintage store during university, and I bought this when the store closed.  This is coming with me to the new home.)

(An autograph book that I found at a garage sale.  It details a nurse’s life from 1928-1954, through which time she was worked in a sanatorium and was hospitalized herself due to TB.)

(My room on my wedding day. 🙂 )

(Last but not least, one of my favourite parts of the entire house, the original crystal door knobs.)


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  1. Oh, this is so great, Chelsi! I know how sad you are to leave this charming character house of yours and I know how much fun you had making it your own. Now you will have every nock and cranny documented in this blog and your memories will last forever.♥

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