Living Room

Continuing with the renovation tour of our house, we move to the living room.  This is how it looked when I moved in in April 2007…

The walls were a nice colour, and the carpet was still pretty new, but I had other ideas in mind.  The owners told us that the original hardwood was under the carpet, but they weren’t sure what condition it was in.  We took a chance, ripped it out, and it was beautiful!  I then had it restored.

My wall art until I painted…a ridiculous “signed” picture of Ben Affleck that I found at Value Village.  It has some kind of certificate of authenticity on it.  Whatever the case, I found it hilarious at the time.

First meal in the new house – Quiznos on the floor!  😛

That’s my look of trebadation before painting the wall blue.  I couldn’t find the colour that I had in mind, so I had one custom-made.

My friend Sheldon helped me with a lot of the early renos.  Apparently, he felt that he was doing a poor job of painting.

This cabinet was a BEAST to set up because some of the screws were missing, and the doors didn’t line up.  I remember it was about 1am when this picture was taken, and I had to work in the morning.  We were too frustrated to quit.  Note the record players in the background…not one, but two.

And now, the finished product…

Some of these were taken by ComFree for our for sale photos.  A few notes before I post the rest of the pictures…
* I’ve tried to embrace Mid Century Modern style, but also keep it contemporary.
* The table was my grandma’s.  It used to be in her basement ‘rumpus room’ and is from the 40’s or 50’s.
* The rug is special ordered through Home Depot.  It was kind of pricy, but I’m so glad I saved up for it and bought it.
* Couch is from Urban One.
* The teak Mid Century cabinet houses a record player.  That is one of my best garage sale buys.  It’s in absolutely perfect condition.
* Round canvas – from Ikea.  Rectangular canvas – I painted that one.

* Atomic-style lamp – garage sale find
* Wall art – Home Outfitters
* Tulip Table – Vintage, but I’m not sure if it is really a Knoll table or a knock-off.
* Tulip chairs – my friend’s mother-in-law was THROWING THEM AWAY because the other 4 broke.  My dad painted them and his neighbour reupholstered the seats.
* Cesca-style metal piping chairs – they were $1 each at VV and were blue vinyl painted yellow.  So gross.  The same neighbour re-did them for me as a housewarming gift.
* Light fixture – it was a standing Ikea lamp, but my dad re-wired it.
* Shelving unit – Jysk.  It was so hard to put together that I remember that I was crying because I was so frustrated lol!

The house is pretty open-concept for a 30’s house.  Someone took out two walls at some point to make it this way.

* Starburst Clock – an amazing eBay find because it was actually in my city, so no shipping charges!
* Vintage boomerang end tables –  eBay

I love the original crown mouldings.

* Lamp – $1.  Shade – found in a dumpster near my house and I fixed it.

The piano windows are one of my favourite parts of the house.

This rounded doorway is my other favourite part.

Some of my record collection, alphabetized. 🙂

* Metal “tree” – HomeSense
* Art – by me

* A set of super mod Andy Warhol postcards that I framed
* A motto that I need to remember!


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