Claw Foot Tub Love

Although my bathroom is SUPER small, has absolutely no storage, and not one plug in (I do my hair in front of the mirror on my bedroom floor), it’s still one of my favourite rooms in my house.  I LOVE pink bathrooms.  My grandma had an original 50’s bathroom worthy of posting on one of my favourite sites, Save the Pink Bathrooms.  Instead of a 50’s bathroom, I embraced the early 30’s Art Deco vibe of the bathroom.  Here are a few before pictures:

And now…

I painted the tub and surround black.  What a difference that made.
I love this tub SO MUCH.  It’s SO comfortable, and if there was any way that I could move it to my new house, I would.  (Believe me, I looked into it.)

I found a black toilet seat online to match the tub.

The original medicine cabinet is still in the bathroom.  I love it. ❤

I love the lock.

The picture on the left is from Winners, and the other two are vintage Dior fashion spreads that I framed.

The “chandelier” was a candle holder, but I had my dad saw off the bottom and we found a chain to hang it.  (I really don’t like the gold shower and wish that it was silver, but that was something that I couldn’t change.)

The following are a few more details.


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