The Joys of Packing

If you’ve ever moved, you know how dreadful a job packing is.  I’m a very organized person, so it’s not that things are messy or cluttered.  I just have a lot of THINGS.  My husband Paul has jokingly (or maybe seriously?) said that I have hoarder tendencies, but I digress.  I may collect things, but I’m not buying 25 packages of  soap or something crazy like that.  I just love aesthetically pleasing things, and vintage things…and Pyrex…and Jadeite…and birds figurines…and old lamps…and anything with an atomic pattern…and records…Yeah.  But really, it’s difficult to resist awesome things when you garage sale and vintage shop and are the horrible combination of thrifty, creative, innovative, sentimental, and a teacher.  There’s always a “future use” for everything!

So while packing, I’ve realized that I have spent a good 4 or 5 hours wrapping my vintage dishes, glasses, barware, and Pyrex.  I realize how unnecessary this is, but I can’t help it.  I thought I’d share a bit of it.  (I do realize that taking time out to take pictures of things while packing is also counterproductive!)

I have a penchant for turquoise, if you haven’t already noticed.  I started collecting this vintage boomerang glass and barware probably eight years ago, and I am slowly acquiring a set.  The gold has rubbed off of a lot of them, but I still like them.

These are either tiny drinking glasses, some kind of cocktail glass, or massive shot glasses.  I imagine the latter, but that’s because I watch Mad Men.

I have full sets of these glasses.  One of the white and gold ones has a random rooster on it, though.  Not sure what that’s about.

An awesome find by my mom…

I also have a lot of random vintage glasses.  My friend Sheldon referred to them as “The Renegade Glass Collection” and was usually appalled that none of them matched.  I like them that way!

I used to have about 6 more, but they are so fragile that they literally break while I’m washing the dishes.  I’m trying to preserve them!

These are my favourites.

My newest acquisitions.  The glass was 10 cents at my first garage sale of the season.  Score!

Wish me luck, as I’m off to pack some more…


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  1. What a great collection. Packing and moving is the WORST! I sympathize. Love your vintage eye. You put it all together so well. Good luck with your move and our blog. I can tell it’s going to be great.

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