Garage Sale Season A Go-Go!

It has been an exciting week!  We officially sold our house, and it sold in only two days with a couple of offers!  The conditions are all lifted, and the final papers have been signed.  We also get possession of the new house on Friday.  We have our house until May 15, so it will be a crazy few weeks!

I spent much of the day packing, apart from a BBQ tonight, and a fabulous morning with one of my best friends, Sandy.  Today marked the beginning of something that we look forward to during THE ENTIRE FALL AND WINTER…garage sale season!!!

Sandy and I met at work only four years ago, but honestly, we must have known each other in a past life.  We joke about how we’re old ladies at heart, as our favourite past times include garage saling, crafting using vintage things, restoring antiques, baking, knitting, scrapbooking, watching Matlock, etc. (Joking on the last one!)  We both have the same affinity for everything vintage, but our styles are slightly different enough so that we usually don’t end up wanting the same items.  I’m more mid-century modern, and she’s more early century cottage/prairie.  It works well for us both, especially because we know each other’s styles so well.  Today, we hit up a few garage sales, estate sales, and a church sale.  Let me just say, it was an epic start to the season!

Three exciting things have happened since the last garage sale in the dog days of summer 2011:

1.  Sandy bought a house.  She now has room to buy more things and decorate her home.

2.  I bought a new house.  I too have reason and room for new finds.

3.  I bought a new vehicle that fits SO MANY MORE CHAIRS in the back than the Tracker did!  🙂

This was our most epic day two years ago, with my Tracker packed as full as possible:

This was today, in the new vehicle.  The amount of room is going to be dangerous this summer…

My week has been as follows…
– Purge the house of everything that I don’t need while packing.
– Pack all the other things.
– Sell some of the purged things online.
– Use the profits to buy more things.
– Pack those things.
It’s a bad cycle.  I was worried Paul would shake his head in disgrace, so I did what I usually do when garage saling, and bought him a pie that some sweet old ladies were selling at the church sale.  He refers to this practice as “The Distraction Pie.”  It’s win-win for both of us.

I also picked up a chain necklace to make more of these bracelets, as well as the most fabulous clutch.  50 cents – score!  Unfortunately, the picture did not save for some reason, and the purse is already packed.  You’ll have to imagine it – it’s large, bright red leather, envelope style, with a cute red bow.  Very 60’s.

Next, we headed to a garage sale with strict “no early birds!!!” instructions.  We got there in time for some of our best finds ever.  I collect Jadeite, and just as the lady setting up pulled out a box to put on the table, Sandy saw some Jadeite mugs.  She motioned to me to look, and I lost my mind – the box was full!  I asked the lady what she wanted for them.  The cheapest I ever got one for was $12 – they are usually at least $25.  She said, get this…25 CENTS.  A lady was going to take them, and I yelled, “I’ll take the whole box!”  I seriously become a different person at garage sales and concerts – manners are not the highest priority.  Holy crap, most insane deal ever!

I also gave some to Sandy, and still have these left.  Not only that, they’re all Fire King, and there was one of the older style ones in the box.  I only have one of those, so now I have a pair!

I post on Facebook when I make a new blog entry.  I am well-aware that the majority of my friends who might actually read this are thinking I’m crazy for being so excited over mugs.  Hopefully if you collect vintage things you understand! 🙂

I found a few other neat items…
Mid century furniture on a plate?  Too much!

The lady working the garage sale was all about getting rid of things and giving good deals.  The man was all about preaching about how much everything was worth, how big of collectors items everything was, and over-charging for everything.  If that was the case, he should be selling them to an antique store, and not to the public.  I had already paid only $1 for this piece when he informed me that it was a collector’s item.  I’m glad I had already paid because I think he would have charged me far more than that.

This must have been part of a rotary dial phone.  I’ll make it in to something!

Apple green fawns?  Yes please!

I have a penchant for old paint-by-number pictures.

This was one of my best finds of the day – vintage plastic tile samples.  I’m assuming they’re from the 50’s or early 60’s.  I’m excited to have found these because I want to paint my house in these tones, and I can take these to find matching paint swatches!

Next, we stopped an outdoor garage sale, in 4 degree temps.  We spotted something fantastic – a vintage turquoise and chrome breadbox.  Remember how I said that we usually have slightly different enough tastes not to want the same object?  Well, while I was figuring out how we could buy the breadbox and take turns using it each month (it could work!) someone ALMOST bought it.  I quickly grabbed it for us, thank goodness.  Sandy decided it was too shiny and bright for her kitchen colours, but I think she just knew how badly I loved it.  I think I owe her the next 20 great finds!

Next – on to an estate sale.  We both bought some amazing things, such as Sandy’s fabulous vintage turquoise ironing board, and my chair…

I am IN LOVE with this chair!  It just needs a good cleaning, but otherwise it is perfect!  Plus, it was only $15!

I also bought this super cute kitschy poodle.  It goes well with the other ones in my bathroom.  The pink suitcase is from the first garage sale.  It’s lined with houndstooth print. 🙂

I also got these boxes of lovely 70’s cards.  I’m going to make them into some kind of craft.  The notebook is from the first garage sale.

What a fantastic start to the season!  I’m anticipating everything Sandy is going to make with her garage sale finds.  You should check out her blog – you won’t be disappointed!


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  1. Oh my goodness! What wonderful treasures you girls found at today’s garage sales. The greatest thing is they were so reasonably priced and everything was in such immaculate condition. I think the best find, though over the years, was the friendship you and Sandy have developed. You two are definitely the vintage girls.

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