Hello, Goodbye

As of an hour ago, we have packed almost everything that we can before moving out on Saturday.  I know that I have not posted all of the rooms that I planned to post before moving, but I’ll get there eventually.  As for now, I’ll post our entrances, as a sort of “hello / goodbye”.  It’s an end of an era in this house, and the beginning of a new one in our next house.  I know that I will cry leaving this house, but we do have possession of it until the 15th, and because we’ll be cleaning it all out, I’ll do my final goodbyes then.

Come on in!

One of my favourite items of furniture, this little turquoise 50’s table.  It’s so cute and happy!

The atomic lamp was also one of my best finds.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ll miss about this house, and what I’ll love about the new place.  Since I work best with lists, I think it’s about time to make one.

What I’ll Miss…

– the character and history of this house
– the memories here
– the claw foot tub
– the crystal doorknobs
– the piano windows
– the coziness
– how it smells like my grandma’s porch in our front entrance on occasion
– the huge windows in the basement and how bright it is down there
– the neighbourhood with its huge trees and unique homes
– some of the neighbours (emphasis on SOME)
– being so near Wascana Park
– my “pet” squirrels haha
– our brand new deck
– the morning sun and eating breakfast on the deck
– the evening shade and eating supper out there
– the insanely quiet street
– the crown moldings
– how I decorated everything “just so”
– the arched doorway
– the tree that flowers pink every spring
– the perennial garden

What I Will Not Miss
– living in an area prone to flooding
– the master bedroom off of the kitchen
– the fact that pretty much only our bed fits in the tiny master bedroom
– parallel parking almost every day on our street!
– neighbours who are anal about where I park
– having NOT ONE plug in in the bathroom, and having to do my hair on my bedroom floor
– ZERO storage / cupboards / closets in the bathroom
– almost no storage in the basement
– the wasps that build a nest under our front porch EVERY YEAR
– dealing with the bottle neck of traffic on Arcola Ave. and having to turn left there every day before and after work.
– our sketchy mail service
– cats fighting in the alley lol.
– our super draft pantry
– Very little counter space in the kitchen
– A new oven that cooks everything way too hot
– The alarm is at the back door, making it a race to set it and get out the front door each morning.

What I’m Looking Forward To…
– HAVING A BATHROOM WITH PLUG INS!  (Having three bathrooms and an en suite!)
– STORAGE!!!  Our new house is three times the size of our old one.  (I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, and I hope that I don’t.  I bought my old house when the market was quite poor.  Within five years, it sky-rocketed, and I sold the house, without a realtor, for over double what I paid.  With our savings, we were able to put 50% down on our new house.)
– Our backyard backs green space and a creek, so nothing will be built out there.  There is so much nature!  Each time we go to the house, we see rabbits, squirrels, and birds in the yard, and I haven’t even been down to the creek yet!
– There are tons of walking trails around the house.
– There is a farmer’s market all summer two blocks from the house
– There is a horseshoe pit in the yard!
– We have a hottub that is incredibly efficient so it won’t be expensive!
– The house has a sunroom!
– We have more than just a super tiny area of counter space, so we can cook and not bump into each other!
– It is SO BRIGHT in the house because of all of the windows
– The master bedroom has a balcony off of it!
– I will FINALLY have a craft room!

Well, on that note, we can leave out the back entrance…
Mom made those curtains for me.  They’re staying with the house for the new owners to enjoy.  The bell on the door is for our pup to ring when she needs to go out. 🙂

A vintage-inspired stand from Winners.

Some of my art…

A very mod mirror…

My vintage dogs that were in my room as a baby.  (Sorry for the bad quality photo!)

The pink tree, and my favourite old Tracker…

The back deck…

Well, goodbye old house.  It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.


3 responses

  1. Oh, this is such a wonderful, but bittersweet Blog entry, Chelsi. I felt so sad reading the list of all the things that you are going to miss about your old house, but so happy for you when I read about all of the great things you are looking forward to in your new house. Just wait, you will LOVE your new home, especially all of the awesome space, but I know that your little character home will always hold a special place in your heart. ♥

  2. Hope you are loving your new house. Hope I can visit soon! I just had to say I thought this was so funny because there are so many things on the what I won’t miss list that remind me of the house we are in now and some of them are driving me NUTS!!! I am sad I didn’t get to see it once more

  3. Sarah! Thanks for the comment! I only just saw it today! I REALLY hope that you can visit soon! Well, not too soon, as we don’t have any spare beds yet lol. But as soon as we get one! Lol don’t be sad that can’t see it any more…we still have it. :S Want to come buy it? 😛

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