And We’re In!

The past week has been CRAZY!  We moved into the new house on Saturday…

It went really smoothly, and by the evening, we had actually unpacked quite a bit of stuff!  However, I have a good deal left to unpack still.

Literally, not just figuratively, but LITERALLY a few minutes before we left the old house, the buyers phoned us with some “problems.”  After a week of sketchy business, things are really stressful with them apparently not being able to “afford” the house, despite all the paperwork being signed.  I won’t get into details, as I’m hoping that on their possession date, this Tuesday, they can work things out and then I can explain the details of what happened.  Fingers crossed…

I started my class on Tuesday.  This has been my life since then:

The class is twice a week, 3 hours each class, for five weeks, and it is pretty intensive.  I’ve already read five chapters and written a response paper for each chapter.  However, the class is excellent and I’m really enjoying it!

We’re in the process of re-doing the kitchen in the new house! Paul’s dad is painting the cabinets, new countertops will be installed soon, and we’ve picked paint and hardware!

The rain has finally stopped, and Lucy and I have been able to enjoy the sunroom!

The flowers are beginning to bloom!  🙂

Our backyard backs a park and creek.  It’s like living out on a farm, as there is nothing behind us!  I’ll be exploring as soon as I get my cast off!

Today I decided to take a break from school work / unpacking / organizing for a few hours to spend some pre-Mother’s Day quality time with my mom.  We had an awesome morning and afternoon and hit up a few morning garage sales.  I scored some great finds…

I’ve been looking for a good Mid Century Mod magazine rack.  I’ve come across a few, but never quite right.  This one was perfect!

Haha – you don’t have to tell ME twice!  (And yes, I got a better deal on it than $20!)

Vintage enamel jewellery that I will be using for future jewellery-making projects!

These flowers make me so happy!

New Pyrex – the whole set for $15!  Yay!

25 cents?  Yes please!

My favourite finds of the day…

I got all three of these for $3!  The large white one is perfect – I love the distressed paint, and it has a nice place in the sunroom.  The other two, as much as I love the vintage look, will need to be painted, as simply sitting in them caused a bunch of the paint to flake off!

Lastly, a new magazine!  Sandy – check this out!!!  I’m not allowing myself to even look at it until I finish my reading for class tomorrow.  It’ll be good motivation.

Hopefully next time I post, the debacle with the old house and the buyers will be over.  Until then, have a very happy Mother’s Day!


4 responses

  1. Oh, that was so much fun garage-saling with you, Chelsi! You got some neat pieces and I love how you barter. Those chairs were an awesome find and the price was right!

  2. Hi Chelsi. Congrats on moving in and I love your wonderful finds! I’ve never seen a magazine rack like that. REALLY COOL! Are those two chairs bar height? They look like it in the picture. ooooo, ahhhh, they are great. But honestly, that back yard view just about took my breath away. Lucky you. That looks like something out of a magazine.
    So pretty.

    • Hi Stacey,
      Thanks so much! We LOVE the backyard too! I decorated it and planted the garden this weekend, so I’ll be sure to post about that soon. 🙂
      Those chairs ARE bar height! I might use them at our island when we need extra seating!

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