A Few New Treasures

I’ve been dying to update my blog and write something creative rather than writing papers or report card comments.  However, it has been an insanely stressful month since I last posted.  Our buyers backed out of buying our house on possession day.  It turns out that their “broker” cousin and “lender” friend did not set up the deal properly, and they did not have the finances that they thought.  After a gong show of dealing with them trying to get us to lower the price after conditions were lifted, hiring a realtor friend who was trying to get us to sell the house to them again, and finally washing our hands of them (but keeping their deposit, thankfully), we’ve relisted the house.  Now we’re dealing with so many showings, and so many people who are not pre-approved for what we are asking, and listening to their sob stories on why they can’t afford our house.  No, we will not sell it to you for $40 000 cheaper than we are asking!  Gahhh so frustrating!  On top of that, I’m taking an intensive Master’s class in the evenings, dealing with report cards and end of the year things in my classroom, trying to get my foot to heal properly, and going to physio every second day.  My cousin is really sick in the hospital, and I’m always thinking about her.  Worst of all, however, my husband’s 9 year old cousin passed away from terminal cancer two weeks ago.  Nothing has been as bad as that.  It has just been a really stressful month, and thus, I have barely done any unpacking.

This weekend, however, I took a break, planted some flowers, and went garage saling with my mom.  I found a few fabulous items:

I’m forever drawn to aqua / mint / sea-foam / turquoise things…and owls.

They match this ashtray perfectly, which was a housewarming gift from Sandy.  I’ll be using it as a candy dish, or something other than an ashtray lol.

This pretty platter I plan to display in my living room when I finally get it set up.

Love the mid-century motif.

Some 60’s craft organizers.  Best pencil box ever!

I am IN LOVE with this thing!  I recently found one of my new favourite blogs – Oh So Lovely Vintage.  It’s pretty much everything I love, all in one blog.  DIY vintage-inspired crafts, MCM home decor, vintage fashion, Pyrex, melmac, Mad Men, 60’s colour palettes, cool fonts, pretty photos!  Best of all, the girls who run the site are Canadian (from our neighbouring province of Manitoba, to boot!) and they have their own vintage shop!  The next time we’re travelling to Winnipeg, their store will be my first stop!  Anyway, a few weeks ago, they posted some fab pictures of turquoise decor, and this organizer was among the featured pictures!  I checked the link to the etsy site, and it was sold.  Low and behold, I found this one at an estate sale this weekend!

I’ve been collecting enamel flower pins for a while, and although I SHOULD be using them to make jewellery, I can’t part with them!  I have an idea on how I’m going to use them, though, so stay tuned!  In the meantime, some of my pieces that are still available are on my site.

At least the dining room is coming along.  I just need to fix the credenza doors that fell out during the move and re-organize the shelf items.

Hopefully next time I post, I won’t begin with a paragraph-long rant!


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  1. Great finds, Chelsi! The cute platter cleaned up so nicely and the price was right! I can’t wait to see where all of these awesome items find their special place in your new home!

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