Backyard Bliss

It has been FAR TOO LONG since I’ve last posted!  I finished my Spring class, finished the teaching year, immediately started my summer class, went to Toronto, and have returned home to re-establish my social life!  I also STILL need to unpack.  However, the weather has been beautiful, so I have spent as much time outside as possible.  Thus, my house is still in shambles, but my yard is coming along nicely!
(I originally wrote that in a DRAFT for this post on July 31.  Life got in the way of finishing and posting this!)

I really love flowers, and the fact that our growing season is MAX four months, I have to pack in as much as possible in that little time!  I grew up gardening, as my mom is an amazing gardener (check out her interview in our paper this week!  ) and her mom had a beautiful “English Country” garden.  I like to keep up the tradition.  Thus, I take a ton of pictures of my plants, and rather than post them all on Facebook and bore everyone, I’ll post them on here and bore everyone in the blogosphere! ;P


I love the yellow doors.  They were like that when we moved in.

The petunias are growing SO well.

They’re larger than this now, and like a bush!

Our backyard.  We don’t have a fence, so we can use the field and creek behind us as part of our yard.  It has been AMAZING moving from a tiny yard to what feels like a place out in the country or at the lake.  The sweet smell of the air is amazing.

Unfortunately, a wind storm did a number on the tree at the left, and after breaking in two places, it had to be cut down.  The yard is a lot sunnier now, but less private.

We have this beautiful apple tree.  The city had to trench a line in our yard and cut off a branch, and then dug up part of the yard.  They still haven’t returned to fix it up, unfortunately.

Our vintage bird house, filled to the brim with nests, amid the lilac bushes.

I have a ton of beautiful perennials that I’ve inherited with this house!

When I was little, we had roses like this.  My best friend and I used to take the fallen petals, put them in water in film canisters, and leave them outside in the heat.  That was our “perfume” and it actually smelled really nice!  When these were in bloom, the yard smelled like our perfume.

The rabbits destroyed this lily, along with a ton of other plants. 😦

When Paul’s little cousin Paige passed away this spring, close friends and family were each given a bleeding heart to plant in her remembrance.  This little plant survived the rabbits, being transplanted when the city ripped up the yard, and it is still growing.  I think of Paige every time I see it.

The “secret garden” area!

Peonies are one of my all-time favourites.

Representing Saskatchewan!

English Lavender that survived my transplanting of it.

This was my favourite discovery.  I had no idea that these bushes were raspberry bushes.  They were planted between mine and my neighbours’ yards, and all of a sudden, I noticed the berries hanging into my yard!  I got a few bowls full over the course of the month, and they are SO good!

Our apple tree is providing quite the crop this year!  These are bruised, as I picked them all up after a windy day, but they’ll be turned into pies!  They’re really delicious!

I got a few strawberries, even after the rabbits ate the plants.

They also ate my ENTIRE garden, but somehow, one bean plant survived, and grew ONE lone bean.  It was tasty, at least!

The back patio.

Lucy, lounging in the sun.

Wild lilies.

Apparently you can eat nasturtium leaves???  One of the city workers yesterday said they’re delicious and was eating them!  

I love how zinnias have flowers inside of their centres.

Love my gerbers.

Our bedroom has a little balcony, and I filled the window boxes full of petunias, allysum, zinnias, and marigolds.

Double rainbow all the way across the sky!!!  What does it all MEAN?!?
(Please tell me that you’ve seen the YouTube of this.  If not, make sure to watch!)

Last night, a beaver decided to take down our tree lol!  In the course of 6 hours, it cut it right down.  We had to call the city AGAIN to come and remove another tree.  My money is on the beaver clearing it out of our yard before the city gets to it!

Lucy assesses the damage.

Well, that’s it, the tour of the yard.  Thanks for dropping by! 😉


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  1. Amazing,amazing, amazing! What a beautiful yard, front and back and a lovely backyard haven for you to relax and enjoy. You have such an abundance and variety of gorgeous flowers!

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