I Covet My Couch

I am loooonnnngggg overdue to post about two things – our kitchen and our living room renovations.  I have a whole post planned, but I’m right in the middle of reports cards and Master’s class papers.  Thus, this will be brief for now.

I have searched for YEARS for a vintage sectional.  I have seen a few, but never in the right colour, or never in good condition.  Two months ago, I found one for sale online.  The owner lived not too far from me, and he was a collector of mid century modern furniture. (Believe me, it is rare if people have even heard of MCM in my city!)  Having to move, he was selling many of his pieces.  He made me BLINDLY BID ON this couch against someone else, but I ended up getting it for what I feel is a pretty great price.  It still has the original Sears tags attached!  The colour is amazing, and it fits into the open space of our living room perfectly!  I also ended up buying a lamp that matched.  So, this is the room in progress.  I am currently looking for an off-white shag area rug, and then will move my vintage coffee table to that room.  So far…

I found some vintage advertisements of a similar Sears couch.  Unfortunately they are the smallest images ever.:


The dining room is almost complete…

Once I am finished my report cards and papers, I’ll have more time for decorating, DIYs, and blogging!


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