One Year Later

The last time I wrote my blog about my meeting Paul McCartney experience, which my sister-in-law dubbed “The Happening,” I was sleep deprived because of the adrenaline and excitement of it all. Today, one year later, I am sleep deprived because I have a one-month-old baby! Things have definitely changed over the year, but what has NOT changed is my excitement and utter disbelief about everything that happened one year ago today.

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On August 14, 2013, after several attempts at other concerts over the years, I got called on stage at Paul McCartney’s concert in Regina, my hometown. I had made a sign asking Paul to autograph under my ‘Let it Be’ tattoo, saying that I would tattoo his signature on my wrist. It worked, and not only did he autograph my wrist, but he talked to me, gave me a hug and kiss, and thanked me for coming. I wrote all about it in WAY too much detail in the posts below this one, so I won’t get into the play-by-play again. What I WILL say is that it even though a year has passed, I am still just as grateful, amazed, and in shock as I was one year ago. It’ll always be the most extraordinary thing that has, and will, happen to me!

 1013806_10203209938753832_387005390_n img_1155 img_1158

Screen17 Screen31 screen43

Our local radio station, Newstalk CJME, contacted me to catch up with them about the events that happened following the concert. I had the opportunity to talk with them this week, and of course I have been reminiscing about meeting Paul even more so now that it is the anniversary, or “Pauliversary” as I cheesily dubbed it. The day after the concert, many news stations in the city contacted me. I discussed with them how incredible it was to meet my idol, and also how amazed I was by the love and excitement shown by complete strangers over the fact that I accomplished this dream! I am still in awe over the number of people who are SO excited to see the tattoo and hear about the story! Even a year later, I can’t believe that strangers recognize me! People I don’t even know will say, “You’re that girl from the Paul McCartney concert!” I have no idea how they know me, but it’s pretty awesome! Likewise, my dentist, doctor, receptionists, the bank teller, you name it – if they knew me before the concert, throughout the year when they have seen me, they have been so excited by what happened!

My doctor’s receptionist was SO excited to see me.  She was at the show and left this note on my chart.  My doctor laughed and gave it to me saying that, “She was pretty excited to let me know it was you!” haha!


When I returned to school after the summer holidays last year, many of my students and their parents were congratulating me. My students were so cute – many brought to school the newspaper clippings from The Leader Post and seemed to think that I was a celebrity haha! It has been a blast!


In February, when it was the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ rise to fame in America and their appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, the radio station again contacted me, as they were compiling interviews regarding The Beatles’ enduring fame. I was one of the resident experts, so they interviewed me and asked for pictures of my memorabilia and tattoo. I felt like my Beatles knowledge and obsession finally paid off – someone was contacting me to talk for a segment about my passion! My friend said that I was stretching my 15 minutes of fame as far as I possibly could haha!


During the interview this week, the interviewer asked me if my life has changed since the concert, and how so. One of the best things to happen because of meeting Paul McCartney is that I also met a bunch of amazing people in the process! After the concert, at 5am when I was too wired to sleep, I posted pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Yay social media! Using the hashtag #paulmccartneytattoo, I found others who had had a similar experience! I had already met Dana, a fellow Saskatchewanian who had her arm signed in Toronto in 2010. We met before the show, and after the concert, we were able to get together and talk about our experiences. It was great to connect to someone who really understood it, and to keep in touch throughout this year! I had also previously met Corey, a girl I had been friends with on the Paul McCartney forums, and attended the concert in Orlando with her. Going to the show on my own, it was great to have a friend to share the experience! On Instagram, I found Jenna, the girl who was signed about a week before me at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco. I had read about her on the forums before my concert, and I was excited for her, as the previous three shows I had attended on this tour did not include calling fans on stage. If she had done it, I had a chance! As luck would have it, we connected on Instagram and immediately hit it off. Soon after, I became friends with Beth, an amazing artist who won a contest on Paul’s site. He chose her art as the winning piece, and after I commented on her photo, we became friends. Both she and Jenna live in LA, and they too had become friends. From there, I had become friends with Caity and Heather, both of whom were living in London and were following me on Instagram as well. This fall, following Paul’s New album release, they actually met him at a CD signing! The five of us became friends on Facebook after realizing that we not only share a passion for Paul and The Beatles, but are around the same age and share a lot of other similarities. It has been SO much fun to not only talk about the Beatles (and not just the basics, but all of the little things that the hardcore fans love to discuss!), but to get to know each other so well! I’ve always been an ardent believer in the power of music to bring people together and create change. The reason that my husband and I first met was because a mutual friend knew we both loved The Beatles and introduced us to each other! I just love the fact that had it not have been for Paul and The Beatles, I wouldn’t have met this amazing group of girls! In fact, this past April, my husband and I took a trip to Palm Springs, as because I was 27 weeks pregnant, we wouldn’t be travelling much more for a long time. To my absolute surprise, Jenna and Beth arranged to drive to Palm Springs from LA and surprise me at a restaurant. I don’t think I have ever been so surprised in my life! It was such a wonderful afternoon hanging out, talking non-stop about our concert experiences, The Beatles, and our tips for how we will get Beth on stage for a signature of her own this tour. It was definitely the highlight of my trip, and I am forever grateful to Jenna, Beth, and my husband for pulling off such a great surprise!

IMG_3159 IMG_3165
Jenna’s tattoo and my tattoo.  They’re like the ultimate friendship bracelets!
IMG_3169 IMG_3170 
We’re crossing our fingers that Beth will get called on stage soon!

In November, Paul had a contest on Instagram to promote his new album. I made a collage of the people I had met due to his music, who had also met him or had some sort of connection, and posted the photo. It includes friends from as near as Saskatchewan, and as far away as Australia and Brazil. Low and behold, my photo was chosen and posted on his Instagram and Facebook! I couldn’t believe it! Not only that, it got thousands of likes!

IMG_1353 IMG_1359

 My picture, “regrammed” on Paul’s Instagram and Facebook accounts!

A year after the concert, I still feel SO grateful and humbled by this experience. I know that over the past 50 years, there have been, and still are, millions of people of all ages who have wanted to meet Paul McCartney, and very few have the opportunity. I was able to do so for one of the best minutes of my life, and it’s something that I will obviously never forget! Did he have to call me up on stage? No – most of the concerts during the tour didn’t include fans being brought on stage, and even at this show, there were several others who had signs. However, it meant the absolute world to me. Not only that, he was genuinely SO nice, just as I had always imagined. I was also pretty proud of myself for being so stubborn and trying to get on stage for years haha! After I posted the pictures on Instagram, so many girls have messaged me asking how I got on stage, could I share tips, what could they do, etc. Most professed how they were so envious and how lucky I was. I am forever grateful and feel that I was SO lucky…but I was also persistent! I thought that if it ever DID happen, my anxiety would cause me to faint on stage, being so close to my idol AND in front of 40 000 people! However, I remained conscious haha, and I think about that when I get anxious about other things in my life. Every time I look at my tattoo, I seriously think about that day and I get giddy all over again. A friend said that when upsetting things happen in my life, I can always look at the tattoo and know that I had that moment. This past year has been quite a rough one with health issues and a tough pregnancy, and there were many times that I followed that advice.  I’ve been unable to attend any of Paul’s shows this tour because they were too far to drive or fly to when I was pregnant (they were all around my due date) and now travelling with a newborn is out of the question.  I’m holding out hope that he’ll tour again next summer, though, and I will be right back at it again!

A year ago today, I was getting a tattoo at 2am, my friend Shawna by my side. Today, she’s coming over to visit my month-old baby Paisley and me. Instead of getting a tattoo tonight, I’ll most likely be feeding a little baby in a nursery with a Beatles theme. One day, I’ll take her to see Paul live, and she’ll love the experience as much as I have. I’ve been playing her the Beatles and Paul’s music since she was in the womb. She already loves his music – she has no choice! 


IMG_1981 IMG_1982

A bit of the Beatles theme in Paisley’s nursery!

photo (2)Some of Paisley’s Beatles wardrobe!


Hello, Goodbye

As of an hour ago, we have packed almost everything that we can before moving out on Saturday.  I know that I have not posted all of the rooms that I planned to post before moving, but I’ll get there eventually.  As for now, I’ll post our entrances, as a sort of “hello / goodbye”.  It’s an end of an era in this house, and the beginning of a new one in our next house.  I know that I will cry leaving this house, but we do have possession of it until the 15th, and because we’ll be cleaning it all out, I’ll do my final goodbyes then.

Come on in!

One of my favourite items of furniture, this little turquoise 50’s table.  It’s so cute and happy!

The atomic lamp was also one of my best finds.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ll miss about this house, and what I’ll love about the new place.  Since I work best with lists, I think it’s about time to make one.

What I’ll Miss…

– the character and history of this house
– the memories here
– the claw foot tub
– the crystal doorknobs
– the piano windows
– the coziness
– how it smells like my grandma’s porch in our front entrance on occasion
– the huge windows in the basement and how bright it is down there
– the neighbourhood with its huge trees and unique homes
– some of the neighbours (emphasis on SOME)
– being so near Wascana Park
– my “pet” squirrels haha
– our brand new deck
– the morning sun and eating breakfast on the deck
– the evening shade and eating supper out there
– the insanely quiet street
– the crown moldings
– how I decorated everything “just so”
– the arched doorway
– the tree that flowers pink every spring
– the perennial garden

What I Will Not Miss
– living in an area prone to flooding
– the master bedroom off of the kitchen
– the fact that pretty much only our bed fits in the tiny master bedroom
– parallel parking almost every day on our street!
– neighbours who are anal about where I park
– having NOT ONE plug in in the bathroom, and having to do my hair on my bedroom floor
– ZERO storage / cupboards / closets in the bathroom
– almost no storage in the basement
– the wasps that build a nest under our front porch EVERY YEAR
– dealing with the bottle neck of traffic on Arcola Ave. and having to turn left there every day before and after work.
– our sketchy mail service
– cats fighting in the alley lol.
– our super draft pantry
– Very little counter space in the kitchen
– A new oven that cooks everything way too hot
– The alarm is at the back door, making it a race to set it and get out the front door each morning.

What I’m Looking Forward To…
– HAVING A BATHROOM WITH PLUG INS!  (Having three bathrooms and an en suite!)
– STORAGE!!!  Our new house is three times the size of our old one.  (I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, and I hope that I don’t.  I bought my old house when the market was quite poor.  Within five years, it sky-rocketed, and I sold the house, without a realtor, for over double what I paid.  With our savings, we were able to put 50% down on our new house.)
– Our backyard backs green space and a creek, so nothing will be built out there.  There is so much nature!  Each time we go to the house, we see rabbits, squirrels, and birds in the yard, and I haven’t even been down to the creek yet!
– There are tons of walking trails around the house.
– There is a farmer’s market all summer two blocks from the house
– There is a horseshoe pit in the yard!
– We have a hottub that is incredibly efficient so it won’t be expensive!
– The house has a sunroom!
– We have more than just a super tiny area of counter space, so we can cook and not bump into each other!
– It is SO BRIGHT in the house because of all of the windows
– The master bedroom has a balcony off of it!
– I will FINALLY have a craft room!

Well, on that note, we can leave out the back entrance…
Mom made those curtains for me.  They’re staying with the house for the new owners to enjoy.  The bell on the door is for our pup to ring when she needs to go out. 🙂

A vintage-inspired stand from Winners.

Some of my art…

A very mod mirror…

My vintage dogs that were in my room as a baby.  (Sorry for the bad quality photo!)

The pink tree, and my favourite old Tracker…

The back deck…

Well, goodbye old house.  It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

Garage Sale Season A Go-Go!

It has been an exciting week!  We officially sold our house, and it sold in only two days with a couple of offers!  The conditions are all lifted, and the final papers have been signed.  We also get possession of the new house on Friday.  We have our house until May 15, so it will be a crazy few weeks!

I spent much of the day packing, apart from a BBQ tonight, and a fabulous morning with one of my best friends, Sandy.  Today marked the beginning of something that we look forward to during THE ENTIRE FALL AND WINTER…garage sale season!!!

Sandy and I met at work only four years ago, but honestly, we must have known each other in a past life.  We joke about how we’re old ladies at heart, as our favourite past times include garage saling, crafting using vintage things, restoring antiques, baking, knitting, scrapbooking, watching Matlock, etc. (Joking on the last one!)  We both have the same affinity for everything vintage, but our styles are slightly different enough so that we usually don’t end up wanting the same items.  I’m more mid-century modern, and she’s more early century cottage/prairie.  It works well for us both, especially because we know each other’s styles so well.  Today, we hit up a few garage sales, estate sales, and a church sale.  Let me just say, it was an epic start to the season!

Three exciting things have happened since the last garage sale in the dog days of summer 2011:

1.  Sandy bought a house.  She now has room to buy more things and decorate her home.

2.  I bought a new house.  I too have reason and room for new finds.

3.  I bought a new vehicle that fits SO MANY MORE CHAIRS in the back than the Tracker did!  🙂

This was our most epic day two years ago, with my Tracker packed as full as possible:

This was today, in the new vehicle.  The amount of room is going to be dangerous this summer…

My week has been as follows…
– Purge the house of everything that I don’t need while packing.
– Pack all the other things.
– Sell some of the purged things online.
– Use the profits to buy more things.
– Pack those things.
It’s a bad cycle.  I was worried Paul would shake his head in disgrace, so I did what I usually do when garage saling, and bought him a pie that some sweet old ladies were selling at the church sale.  He refers to this practice as “The Distraction Pie.”  It’s win-win for both of us.

I also picked up a chain necklace to make more of these bracelets, as well as the most fabulous clutch.  50 cents – score!  Unfortunately, the picture did not save for some reason, and the purse is already packed.  You’ll have to imagine it – it’s large, bright red leather, envelope style, with a cute red bow.  Very 60’s.

Next, we headed to a garage sale with strict “no early birds!!!” instructions.  We got there in time for some of our best finds ever.  I collect Jadeite, and just as the lady setting up pulled out a box to put on the table, Sandy saw some Jadeite mugs.  She motioned to me to look, and I lost my mind – the box was full!  I asked the lady what she wanted for them.  The cheapest I ever got one for was $12 – they are usually at least $25.  She said, get this…25 CENTS.  A lady was going to take them, and I yelled, “I’ll take the whole box!”  I seriously become a different person at garage sales and concerts – manners are not the highest priority.  Holy crap, most insane deal ever!

I also gave some to Sandy, and still have these left.  Not only that, they’re all Fire King, and there was one of the older style ones in the box.  I only have one of those, so now I have a pair!

I post on Facebook when I make a new blog entry.  I am well-aware that the majority of my friends who might actually read this are thinking I’m crazy for being so excited over mugs.  Hopefully if you collect vintage things you understand! 🙂

I found a few other neat items…
Mid century furniture on a plate?  Too much!

The lady working the garage sale was all about getting rid of things and giving good deals.  The man was all about preaching about how much everything was worth, how big of collectors items everything was, and over-charging for everything.  If that was the case, he should be selling them to an antique store, and not to the public.  I had already paid only $1 for this piece when he informed me that it was a collector’s item.  I’m glad I had already paid because I think he would have charged me far more than that.

This must have been part of a rotary dial phone.  I’ll make it in to something!

Apple green fawns?  Yes please!

I have a penchant for old paint-by-number pictures.

This was one of my best finds of the day – vintage plastic tile samples.  I’m assuming they’re from the 50’s or early 60’s.  I’m excited to have found these because I want to paint my house in these tones, and I can take these to find matching paint swatches!

Next, we stopped an outdoor garage sale, in 4 degree temps.  We spotted something fantastic – a vintage turquoise and chrome breadbox.  Remember how I said that we usually have slightly different enough tastes not to want the same object?  Well, while I was figuring out how we could buy the breadbox and take turns using it each month (it could work!) someone ALMOST bought it.  I quickly grabbed it for us, thank goodness.  Sandy decided it was too shiny and bright for her kitchen colours, but I think she just knew how badly I loved it.  I think I owe her the next 20 great finds!

Next – on to an estate sale.  We both bought some amazing things, such as Sandy’s fabulous vintage turquoise ironing board, and my chair…

I am IN LOVE with this chair!  It just needs a good cleaning, but otherwise it is perfect!  Plus, it was only $15!

I also bought this super cute kitschy poodle.  It goes well with the other ones in my bathroom.  The pink suitcase is from the first garage sale.  It’s lined with houndstooth print. 🙂

I also got these boxes of lovely 70’s cards.  I’m going to make them into some kind of craft.  The notebook is from the first garage sale.

What a fantastic start to the season!  I’m anticipating everything Sandy is going to make with her garage sale finds.  You should check out her blog – you won’t be disappointed!

The Joys of Packing

If you’ve ever moved, you know how dreadful a job packing is.  I’m a very organized person, so it’s not that things are messy or cluttered.  I just have a lot of THINGS.  My husband Paul has jokingly (or maybe seriously?) said that I have hoarder tendencies, but I digress.  I may collect things, but I’m not buying 25 packages of  soap or something crazy like that.  I just love aesthetically pleasing things, and vintage things…and Pyrex…and Jadeite…and birds figurines…and old lamps…and anything with an atomic pattern…and records…Yeah.  But really, it’s difficult to resist awesome things when you garage sale and vintage shop and are the horrible combination of thrifty, creative, innovative, sentimental, and a teacher.  There’s always a “future use” for everything!

So while packing, I’ve realized that I have spent a good 4 or 5 hours wrapping my vintage dishes, glasses, barware, and Pyrex.  I realize how unnecessary this is, but I can’t help it.  I thought I’d share a bit of it.  (I do realize that taking time out to take pictures of things while packing is also counterproductive!)

I have a penchant for turquoise, if you haven’t already noticed.  I started collecting this vintage boomerang glass and barware probably eight years ago, and I am slowly acquiring a set.  The gold has rubbed off of a lot of them, but I still like them.

These are either tiny drinking glasses, some kind of cocktail glass, or massive shot glasses.  I imagine the latter, but that’s because I watch Mad Men.

I have full sets of these glasses.  One of the white and gold ones has a random rooster on it, though.  Not sure what that’s about.

An awesome find by my mom…

I also have a lot of random vintage glasses.  My friend Sheldon referred to them as “The Renegade Glass Collection” and was usually appalled that none of them matched.  I like them that way!

I used to have about 6 more, but they are so fragile that they literally break while I’m washing the dishes.  I’m trying to preserve them!

These are my favourites.

My newest acquisitions.  The glass was 10 cents at my first garage sale of the season.  Score!

Wish me luck, as I’m off to pack some more…

Claw Foot Tub Love

Although my bathroom is SUPER small, has absolutely no storage, and not one plug in (I do my hair in front of the mirror on my bedroom floor), it’s still one of my favourite rooms in my house.  I LOVE pink bathrooms.  My grandma had an original 50’s bathroom worthy of posting on one of my favourite sites, Save the Pink Bathrooms.  Instead of a 50’s bathroom, I embraced the early 30’s Art Deco vibe of the bathroom.  Here are a few before pictures:

And now…

I painted the tub and surround black.  What a difference that made.
I love this tub SO MUCH.  It’s SO comfortable, and if there was any way that I could move it to my new house, I would.  (Believe me, I looked into it.)

I found a black toilet seat online to match the tub.

The original medicine cabinet is still in the bathroom.  I love it. ❤

I love the lock.

The picture on the left is from Winners, and the other two are vintage Dior fashion spreads that I framed.

The “chandelier” was a candle holder, but I had my dad saw off the bottom and we found a chain to hang it.  (I really don’t like the gold shower and wish that it was silver, but that was something that I couldn’t change.)

The following are a few more details.

Living Room

Continuing with the renovation tour of our house, we move to the living room.  This is how it looked when I moved in in April 2007…

The walls were a nice colour, and the carpet was still pretty new, but I had other ideas in mind.  The owners told us that the original hardwood was under the carpet, but they weren’t sure what condition it was in.  We took a chance, ripped it out, and it was beautiful!  I then had it restored.

My wall art until I painted…a ridiculous “signed” picture of Ben Affleck that I found at Value Village.  It has some kind of certificate of authenticity on it.  Whatever the case, I found it hilarious at the time.

First meal in the new house – Quiznos on the floor!  😛

That’s my look of trebadation before painting the wall blue.  I couldn’t find the colour that I had in mind, so I had one custom-made.

My friend Sheldon helped me with a lot of the early renos.  Apparently, he felt that he was doing a poor job of painting.

This cabinet was a BEAST to set up because some of the screws were missing, and the doors didn’t line up.  I remember it was about 1am when this picture was taken, and I had to work in the morning.  We were too frustrated to quit.  Note the record players in the background…not one, but two.

And now, the finished product…

Some of these were taken by ComFree for our for sale photos.  A few notes before I post the rest of the pictures…
* I’ve tried to embrace Mid Century Modern style, but also keep it contemporary.
* The table was my grandma’s.  It used to be in her basement ‘rumpus room’ and is from the 40’s or 50’s.
* The rug is special ordered through Home Depot.  It was kind of pricy, but I’m so glad I saved up for it and bought it.
* Couch is from Urban One.
* The teak Mid Century cabinet houses a record player.  That is one of my best garage sale buys.  It’s in absolutely perfect condition.
* Round canvas – from Ikea.  Rectangular canvas – I painted that one.

* Atomic-style lamp – garage sale find
* Wall art – Home Outfitters
* Tulip Table – Vintage, but I’m not sure if it is really a Knoll table or a knock-off.
* Tulip chairs – my friend’s mother-in-law was THROWING THEM AWAY because the other 4 broke.  My dad painted them and his neighbour reupholstered the seats.
* Cesca-style metal piping chairs – they were $1 each at VV and were blue vinyl painted yellow.  So gross.  The same neighbour re-did them for me as a housewarming gift.
* Light fixture – it was a standing Ikea lamp, but my dad re-wired it.
* Shelving unit – Jysk.  It was so hard to put together that I remember that I was crying because I was so frustrated lol!

The house is pretty open-concept for a 30’s house.  Someone took out two walls at some point to make it this way.

* Starburst Clock – an amazing eBay find because it was actually in my city, so no shipping charges!
* Vintage boomerang end tables –  eBay

I love the original crown mouldings.

* Lamp – $1.  Shade – found in a dumpster near my house and I fixed it.

The piano windows are one of my favourite parts of the house.

This rounded doorway is my other favourite part.

Some of my record collection, alphabetized. 🙂

* Metal “tree” – HomeSense
* Art – by me

* A set of super mod Andy Warhol postcards that I framed
* A motto that I need to remember!

My Bedroom

For the past five years, I have lived in a 1931 character home that I purchased after saving almost all of my first year teacher’s salary for the down payment.  Since then, I have taught for six more years, had a roommate for a year, met my husband, dealt with his move to Toronto for a year, had him arrive home and move in, got engaged, bought a puppy, worked on my Master’s, and got married.  This house has seen the entire era of me “becoming an adult”.  Being that it is not very big, it is time for Paul and I to move on.  We bought a new house, and as of Sunday, have conditionally sold this one.  Anyone who knows me knows that I become emotionally attached to EVERYTHING, and this house is no different.  I cried when I listed it, and I’ll cry when I move out.  It is just such a happy home, and I hope that its future owners experience as much joy in it as I have.

To come to terms with moving away from it, I am going to document all of my favourite parts of this house and the renovations that I’ve made since purchasing it, so that I will always be able to see them.  I tried to embrace its character while modernizing it so that it did not feel like a time warp when you entered its doors.  I’ll begin with my bedroom and over the week, work on posting each of the rooms.  (I JUST finished my Master’s class tonight, so I finally have time to devote to writing FOR PLEASURE!)

My bedroom before…

(Sorry for the poor quality.  It’s a photo of a photo. :S)

My dad framed in a closet because the tiny closet was inside of the wall.  That would not do!  After that, I repainted and decorated.  Here’s a little glimpse at the master bedroom, all finished.

(Garage sale find – $2.)

(The “Invisible Family Portrait Wall” as Paul refers to this.  I put wrapping paper behind some of the vintage frames.)

(My dresser, which was my mom’s dresser when she was young, which was purchased second hand before that.)

(I worked at a vintage store during university, and I bought this when the store closed.  This is coming with me to the new home.)

(An autograph book that I found at a garage sale.  It details a nurse’s life from 1928-1954, through which time she was worked in a sanatorium and was hospitalized herself due to TB.)

(My room on my wedding day. 🙂 )

(Last but not least, one of my favourite parts of the entire house, the original crystal door knobs.)


Hello Internet!

Although I really should not be devoting any more time to the internet than I already do, I feel compelled to start a new blog.  I have been blogging since 2004, I think, and since then, I’ve had six or seven blogs.  Two were for classes, such as this one, one was an emo, whiny, LiveJournal account that I will NOT link to due to its embarrassing nature.  One was a pop-culture blog where I found it necessary to review absolutely every movie, book, fashion trend, celebrity mishap, etc. that occurred on a daily basis.  (I have to admit, that was the most fun blog to write.)  I also have my jewellery site – not really a blog, but updated somewhat frequently – and my classroom blog that I update weekly.  Last year, I had my wedding blog, and I really miss having a space to share creatively.  Thus, I’m creating this blog.

Every one of my blogs featured, at some point, my love of absolutely everything vintage.  I can’t remember NOT loving items of days gone by.  Visiting my grandma’s house was always an absolute joy, as she had so many vintage items, perfectly in tact.  I have often wondered if I love vintage things so much because I loved my grandma’s house, or if I loved my grandma’s house so much because I love vintage things.  Regardless, I’m constantly drawn to all things vintage – particularly mid-century modern fashion, decor, architecture, furniture, and kitchen supplies.  I used to post pictures of my garage sale finds and renovations, and I am going to use this blog for that main purpose.  Whether people read it or not, that’s up to them, but I just need a place to keep track of all of the aesthetically pleasing vintage visions I see and create for myself!